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Welcome . . .

Heya !! This is actually just a placeholder while I work on my actual website !! Since I'm having an assignment going on, updates won't be as frequent, but stay tuned !!


  • 13/03/24 to the person who asked where your messages go! It looks like this !! I planned to make a question/answer board in the future, but for now, it's just this teehee

  • 20/02/24 Casually made a message tool in school !! ( it even sends a webhook into my discord server, isn't that cool ?! )

  • 17/02/24 made it mobile friendly as well :9

  • 17/02/24 actually making it public yahoo!

  • 16/02/24 hmmmm edits here and there

  • 15/02/24 starting doing this litol code

send me stuff!! will make prettier later help aaaa